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Looking for a high quality tub at a lower cost? Look no further! Rotospas are unparalleled when it comes to quality plug-and-play spas. Weighing only 275lbs, they are portable and can plug into a 110v plug - so no hassle of having them hardwired, making installation much simpler (and less expensive!). Make no mistake - Unlike other plug-and-play options, this tub is built to last and to withstand those cold Maritime winters. You can use it year-round and never worry about your electric bill skyrocketing. These tubs are very efficient, averaging only $15 per month on your electric bill. 

Not sold yet? Here are some specs that may help!

Made from a 1-piece durable rotational molded polyethylene shell 

Full depth 6-person wrap around seating

5-year warranty

Completely sealed and foam filled

1.5 HP 2 speed pump

3 year warranty on electrical 

3 year warranty on pump




Visit the Rotospa website for more information 

Come in to the shop to check out our floor model and see if this tub is a good fit for you!

Not quite what you're looking for? We get it - Head on over to our BULLFROG PAGE to check out our more high-end, luxurious options.