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8 Reasons to Choose Fiberglass Over Vinyl

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Ever wonder why fiberglass has extra costs? Let us tell you why it's worth it!

1. Lowest Maintenance cost: No Repairs or Resurfacing Required

Fiberglass Pools don't have a liner! Vinyl liners tear and break down over time. It is very common for inground vinyl liners to need replacement after 5 or 10 years (sometimes even less). This can cost upwards of $10 000 - An extra expense you will completely avoid with a fiberglass pool. No rips, tears, or liner replacements!

BONUS: Your dog can even swim in your fiberglass pool - No liner for their nails to rip!

2. Better Insulation

Is their anything worse than paying for something you don't get to keep? Well, that's what you're going to get with a heat pump on a vinyl liner pool: Heat loss. The lack of insulation in your vinyl liner pool allows all the natural and expensive heat-pump generated heat seep out into the ground. The Insulation in your fiberglass pool will prevent heat loss, meaning heat from your heat pump as well as natural solar heat will stay in your pool, right where you want it!

3. Aesthetic

Plain and simple - Fiberglass pools are just nicer to look at!

Fiberglass pools come in a variety of solid colours. We pour you a beautiful stamped concrete deck that perfectly compliments your pool colour choice

4. No Aversion to Salt Water

No steel components means no rust from salt water.

5. Faster Installation Time

Because fiberglass pools come all in one piece, installation is just a matter of digging the hole and placing the pool in it! Okay... Maybe it's a little more complicated than that. But you can count on being able to swim in your brand new fiberglass pool within a couple short weeks

6. Better Winterization

High tensile strength and flexibility allows for fiberglass pools to withstand extreme temperatures. So, although you may suffer in these cold maritime winters, your pool won't! And that brings us to number 7...

7. Can Be Converted to a Skating Rink

That's right! In the winter you can turn your fiberglass pool into a skating rink. You most definitely can't do that with a vinyl liner pool.

8. Smooth and Longer Lasting Surface

Fiberglass pools are covered in a special gel top coat. This creates a smooth, strong surface that is made to last. It's very difficult to chip or scratch, and should it suffer any such damage, it is simple and very inexpensive to repair. Fiberglass pools and made to last a lifetime. It is nearly impossible to cause a leak in the shell. Show us a vinyl liner pool that can boast that!

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